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    • Jayoun Hair Repair & Detangle
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      This leave-in moisture essence cum hair conditioner restores dry and damaged hair to silky-soft and healthy condition. Its nourishing and repairing process nurtures the hair’s interior structure, leaving your hair lustrous and easy to style. Directions: Apply small amount onto your palm and rub to activate. Apply through your hair focusing on most damaged areas and comb to even it out....
    • Jayoun Hair Serum - Tan & Lo
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      Jayoun's hair serum contains edelweiss and sunflower seed extracts to provide protection against heat and environmental damage, while restoring moisture and balance to the hair. This serum fights humidity and leaves your hair incredibly smooth and shiny with each use. Directions: Place a few drops of serum onto the palm of your hand and apply on the ends of dry and...
    • Jayoun Feminine Wash
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      This gentle cleansing formula keeps you feeling fresh and healthy down under. Its soap-free and anti-bacterial qualities reduce unpleasant odor and irritations while maintaining a natural skin balance. Contains Jayoun's signature edelweiss and green tea extracts that has anti-inflammatory properties for intimate areas and can help to tighten the vaginal muscle. Use after your menstrual period or anytime you want to feel clean...