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    • Hyssop Brown Rice Moisture Shampoo
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      Hyssop's Brown Rice Moisture Shampoo contains organic brown rice and rice bran that cleanse away dust, sweat, odour and styling products. Work into a fine foamy massage and massage onto your scalp to prevent dandruff and itchiness. This gentle formulation cleanses your scalp and hair delicately and effectively and stimulates blood circulation to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. 520ml Made in...
    • Hyssop Brown Rice Moisture Conditioner
    • $15.90
      Hyssop's Brown Rice Moisture Conditioner contains organic elements that permeates into weak or damaged hair, keeping it smooth and elastic. Regular use prevents hair from being damaged by ultraviolet rays and pollutants. Directions: Apply an appropriate amount of conditioner and spread throughout hair. Rinse gently and thoroughly. 520ml Made in Korea. Ingredients: Water, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Rice Extract, Butylene Glycol, Ginkgo biloba...
    • Laneige Water Bank Essence_EX
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      SG Retail price - $60 T&L price - $39.90 Laneige No.1 signature moisturizing essence most loved by Asian women. Contains Hydro Ion Mineral Water that penetrates deep into the skin, restores moisture and hydrate dry skin and repair skin damage. The essence also contains tillandsia extracts which are rich in betaine, a natural moisturizing agent that maintains optimum moisture balance...
    • Livegain Botanical Scalp Tonic - Tan & Lo
    • $24.80
      Hair tonic that refreshes the scalp, helps with dandruff control and nourishes healthy hair growth. No colouring. No fragrance. No preservatives.  [Directions]: Spray adequate amount on the scalp after shampoo and towel dry. Massage softly using finger tips and do not rinse out. 150ml Made in Korea.
    • JS Olive Moisture Olive Oil Serum
    • $29.50
      Innovative formula enriched with smoothing ingredients to instantly add shine to frizzy, dry or dull hair. Conditions, nourishes, repairs and smoothes hair for easy manageability, combing and styling. The olive extract protects the surface of your hair and provides extra care to the scalp. Directions: Apply evenly to dry or damp hair. Comb through and style accordingly. 150ml
    • Xeno Hydra Serum 200ml
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      This serum is a light water-based styling treatment serum that provides extra moisturizing effect and contains rich nutrition that makes the hair resilient and smooth. It also repairs damage hair and protects the hair from UV sun rays. Directions: After shampooing, towel dry hair and apply appropriate amount onto your hair. Apply before using the hair dryer to protect the...
    • Qpro Professional Scalp Care Shampoo
    • $26.00
      Contains Amino Q10 and silk protein to clean and treat your scalp by invigorating a healthy circulation. It helps to protect against dandruff and regulate oil production to reduce itchy scalp, leaving your hair beautiful and healthy. 300ml. Made in Singapore
    • Qpro Professional Hair Loss Shampoo
    • $26.00
      Contains Amino Q10 and silk protein to gently cleanse the scalp and hair follicles so as to stimulate hair growth. Helps to prevent further hair loss, provide structure and vitality to thinning hair, leaving your hair beautiful and healthy. 600ml. Made in Singapore
    • Beaua Additive Free Shampoo
    • $17.90
      Beaua additive free shampoo is a unique formulation with all natural ingredients that contains no preservatives, no colorant and no synthetic fragrance. Free from all harsh chemicals that can cause itchness or rashes on the scalp. Enriched with potent nutrients that nourishes your scalp and hair. It gently cleanses your hair while removing excess oil and impurities without stripping your...
    • Beaua Additive Free Conditioner
    • $17.90
      Beaua additive free conditioner is specially formulated to condition your hair after using Beaua additive free Shampoo. Its unique formulation contains no preservatives, no colorant and no synthetic fragrance.  Free from all harsh chemicals that can cause itchiness or rashes on the scalp. Enriched with all natural nutrients, it protects and moisturizes your hair adequately, leaving it soft and silky....