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    • Constanta Whitening Essential Milky Wash - Tan & Lo Sale
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      Concentrated formula with honey and milk, vitamin E and aromatherapy. Helps clean, whiten and strengthen your skin's elasticity and prevent premature aging and darken skin. Dermatologically tested, under continuous efficiency control. 400ml Made in Germany.
    • Dabo Soft Olive Body Cleanser - T&L Daily Essentials Sale
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      The Dabo olive body cleanser is a gentle foaming wash infused with olive which provides rich moisture to your skin and leaves it feeling moisturized and fresh. 750ml Made in Korea.
    • Hyssop Nourishing Olive Oil Body Wash
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      Enriched with certified olive oil, brown rice extract, soybean seed extract, etc to cleanse and nourish your skin leaving it with a regenerated radiance. 800ml. Made in Korea.
    • Jayoun Feminine Wash
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      This gentle cleansing formula keeps you feeling fresh and healthy down under. Its soap-free and anti-bacterial qualities reduce unpleasant odor and irritations while maintaining a natural skin balance. Contains Jayoun's signature edelweiss and green tea extracts that has anti-inflammatory properties for intimate areas and can help to tighten the vaginal muscle. Use after your menstrual period or anytime you want to feel clean...