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The Founder's Review - Mix & Match (part 2)

We read about the founder's skincare regime in the previous post and in this post we are moving on to find out more about her haircare regime and what are some of the interesting products that she uses. 

Lo's haircare regime- 

"I have dandruff and drop lots of hair everyday. Over the years, i've tried many types of shampoo brands and never seem to be able to find one that really solves the problems I have. Then I realised that, sometimes you just need to keep trying till you find the right one. As everyone's scalp and hair is different, certain brands might suit certain people but not others. For me, I find the Yeblang Scalp Treatment Shampoo the most effective. It is slightly pricer than the other shampoos but I was willing to invest in it as it works well for my scalp. After shampooing, it has the minty cooling effect on my scalp and it makes my hair feel clean and smooth without tangling it. Since I've started using it, I've seen a significant improvement in my dandruff condition and have also dropped lesser hair. 

As for the conditioner, I don't really have any preference at the moment as they all feel roughly the same to me. But as my hair is rather long, I still find it necessary to use a conditioner to soften and ensure that my hair is not tangled up. I'm currently using this new conditioner Beaua Additive Free Conditioner which has less chemicals (I try to use products with lesser chemicals as much as I can). And as the name suggests, it is additive free, meaning free from preservatives, colorant and synthetic fragrance. 

I believe the improvement on my dandruff and hair loss condition is also thanks to the Livegain Botanical Scalp Tonic that I use after washing, conditioning and towel drying my hair. I love this tonic as its not only effective, it has less chemicals too - no coloring, no fragrance and no preservatives. It also has the cooling minty feeling when applied onto the scalp. Personally, I find the combination of this tonic with the Yeblang Scalp Treatment Shampoo really effective in reducing my dandruff and hair loss. I've also heard lots of positive feedback from others who have tried this tonic. 

And to end it off, after towel drying my hair and applying the tonic on my scalp, I then apply the Xeno Hydra Serum on the ends of my hair to keep it moisturized and less frizzy. The reason why I love this serum is because it is light and water based which means not it is not oily (does not make my hands or hair oily), and it makes my hair feel soft and smooth. And plus, it has a really nice fragrance!" 

Hope you've enjoyed the read. Next up we will have our other founder, Tan, to share with us some of the other products he has tried and liked! 

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