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Combating Dehydrated Skin

Since discovering that dehydrated skin can affect anyone (not only those with dry skin types!), we saw how it can affect your skin’s luster and elasticity. Dehydrated skin can also result in frustrating makeup application where flaky skin and premature fine lines cause you to load on more products to cover those imperfections or handle your skin roughly as you attempt to rub or peel off dry skin. Don’t head down that path!

We’re here to help with four essential tips for getting our skin back to health:

#1 Modify Your Skincare Regime.
You don’t necessarily have to throw out every product in favour of more soothing, gentle cleansers and toners. Instead, consider the frequency of when you use them. Save the scrubs and serious exfoliants to once a week and introduce a clarifying yet moisturizing cleanser for every day, such as the Holika Volcanic Pore Purifying Cleansing Foam.

#2 Prefer Moisture-Inducing Products.
Experts suggest using products that contain hyaluronic acid and glycerin, ingredients that help the skin retain moisture. Wake up to dewy, plump skin after using Cracare’s 3-in-1 Anti-Aging Hyaluron Mask or Enesti Suanbo Spa Hyaluronic Multi-Care Mask which allows moisture and nutrients to penetrate into your skin, boosting hydration and cell renewal.

#3 Protect Your Skin from Harsh Environmental Conditions.
This means avoiding unnecessary or unprotected exposure to the sun through conscientious use of sunscreen or even back-to-nature basics with the ever useful Aloe Vera Gel. When sitting comfy in air-conditioned spaces, be sure to use a humidifier or better yet, turn on a diffuser with a few drops of quality essential oil.

#4 Begin from Within.
Don’t forget that dehydrated skin is often a symptom of insufficient moisture within our system. Ensure that your body has ample supply of water so it can flush out toxins and replenish its moisture content. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day (perhaps another not-so-New-Year resolution!) for 2 weeks and see subtle differences in your skin’s vitality and elasticity.

In short, harsh skincare routines, the use of inappropriate products or exposure to drying conditions can cause skin to dehydrate or even become simultaneously oily and dry. Start your journey back on the right track, by adopting a few of these tips and who knows? You may even adapt them to find the perfect anti-dehydrating regime for your skin!



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