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2016 Skincare Resolution: Kickstart Your Moisturizing Routine

Happy New Year! With each new year comes the word resolutions. But let’s do things differently. Instead of a long list of goals, why not challenge yourself to make just ONE resolve to do better in skincare! Something uncomplicated and doable, and of course quick. In 2016, our resolve is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Scribble this keyword into your list of resolutions, stick to it, and start to see differences in your skin!

The weather may be warm and humid, you hate the sticky feeling of moisturizers, shiny pores are a no-no....plenty of reasons why we don’t moisturize regularly. But do you know that skin can be dehydrated even if your skin doesn’t feel dry and tight? Dehydrated skin accelerates the onset of persistent wrinkles and fine lines and results in dull, flaky skin.

An easy way to kickstart hydration is to use a highly moisturizing cleanser that helps hydrate your skin while you wash away facial products and daily dirt. Enprani Moist Foam Cleanser contains evening primrose extract that thoroughly and gently cleanses impurities from the skin while providing moisturizing benefits infused through its herbal ingredients.

For your body, Jayoun Milk Bath from Korea contains contains edelweiss and cucumber extracts which helps maintain the skin's moisture balance, leaving it feeling soft and fresh.

Then treat your skin to nourishing, moisturizing and whitening benefits within one cream using Mom’s Recipe Green Grapy Whitening Cream which contains no artificial colors, parabens, alcohol, and chemical preservatives. (A little inside tip: gently pat cream onto your face using upward strokes and massage any remaining residue onto your elbows.)

Make a weekly date with facial masks to pep up tired skin with a face mask of your choice. We like how Enesti Suanbo Spa Multi Care Mask comes infused with Korea’s top Suanbo Hot Spring water and contains rich serum, allowing moisture and nutrients to penetrate into the skin. For baby-soft skin and improved elasticity, try its Pomegranate sheet mask.

By the next New Year’s Eve, you’ll have transformed your skin, health and beauty into a better you a few minutes at a time! Small tweaks, beautiful impact.

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