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5 Benefits of Using Face Masks

Want to pamper your face but don’t have the time? Not sure where to start without busting your budget over costly facial treatments? Use face masks! Take your usual routine up a notch by cultivating a habit of using face masks once or twice a week. Easy to use and oh-so-convenient, sheet masks provide a relaxing, inexpensive, and hydrating solution to tired skin after a long day out...and you can even multi-task while letting the mask work its wonders.


Bijou Whitening Face Mask SheetIPKN Peel Off Pore MaskEnesti Suanbo Spa Multi Care Mask

5 key benefits of using face masks:


Cheer up dull skin in 15 minutes! Face masks have properties that can lighten and promote an even skin tone, and even help to fight off free radical damage. Try Bijou’s Whitening Face Mask, which features a peptide with a structure similar to that of a snake's venom and contains pure collagen and herbal extract minerals that whiten and soothe dry skin.



With a wide variety of face masks available, you can purchase different mask types to address specific skin needs. Treat acne, target blackheads, or maintain supple, firm skin through weekly usage. We like IPKN’s Peel Off Pore Mask that contains organic green tea complex to soothe troubled skin and gently exfoliate pores without irritation.



Face masks can significantly improve hydration to dry and dehydrated skin by allowing water to penetrate into the skin epidermis to soften the skin and enhance its elasticity. Look for masks with moisture-enriched contents such as the Enesti Suanbo Spa Multi Care Mask range to provide a supple, youthful appearance to your skin. Well-hydrated skin not only reduces fine lines and creases, but also allows makeup to be applied more easily.



Enclosed in palm-sized slim packs, face masks can be taken almost anywhere without taking up valuable space. Slip a couple of face sheet masks into your bag or carry-on for a quick perk while waiting in the car or during a flight. We love how Cracare’s Anti-Aging Mask provides the perfect travel companion with its unique 3-step facial care kit which includes 2 small sachets of face cream and essence.



Allow yourself some much-needed “me” time by putting away your gadgets and simply relish the nourishing sensation of the face mask. Take slow, deep breaths as you stretch your body out. Your skin and mind will thank you half an hour later. Bonus tip: you don’t have to wash your hands after using sheet masks—let your hands soak in the essence too!



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